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"I got my first watch a few weeks ago. I’d never considered wearing a watch before, but it struck me as a sensible step toward spending less time on my phone. It’s one less reason to pull out my “precious” — and perhaps a small step away from that hyperconnected, everything-all-of-the-time modern anxiety. I’ll admit it’s hard to fully trust something that’s not connected to the Internet, but I think, with time, it’ll work out. 

Now that I have a watch, I notice other people’s watches. This leads to more conversations about watches and more time spent thinking about watches. This is a slippery slope: You start as an earnest young man who’s trying to keep track of the precious minutes of life and suddenly you’re a potbellied old bore trapped in endless conversations about Panerais, waiting for death.” -Ezra Koenig (x

(via kaliforniaenglish)